Toddler Yoga

Toddler Yoga
From walking to school age

Monday & Wednesday, weekly
1hr sessions - Pay-as-you-go
Mondays – Willow Centre, Cringleford
Wednesdays – Mulbarton Social Club

Toddler yoga helps to teach routine and structure, encourages listening skills, body awareness
and co-ordination and is great for increasing your child’s confidence. Toddler yoga can also
improve your child's quality of sleep, aid relaxation and may even reduce those tantrums!


My toddler yoga classes incorporate stretches, poses, breathing techniques, songs and rhymes, relaxation time and sensory play with parachutes, bubbles, light displays and interactive story time with props and puppets.


Toddler yoga is a great way to meet other parents in a friendly and relaxed environment. 


Pre-booking by contacting me will guarantee your space in class but drop-ins are also welcome.

Toddler yoga classes 

Mondays  |  11.15am  |   The Willow Centre, Cringleford​

  Wednesdays  |  9.30am  |   Mulbarton Social Club

T. 07401 006178


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